Why Zephyr Cleaning Services?

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you receive a consistent cleaning experience each and every visit!

  • All that we do is based upon our Company Philosophy. Our employees are integral to our success as a whole. We value and reward their caring attitude, hard work, willingness to learn and their input. By recognizing these attributes, we are able to consistently deliver excellent service to our valued clients.
  • We are a locally owned and operated business. As such, you have access to the owner of the company. In addition, when purchasing locally, you are supporting your community. Zephyr Cleaning Services, in turn, supports our community by creating jobs and giving back to our community by offering FREE cleaning services to women undergoing treatment for cancer through our partnership with Cleaning for a Reason.
  • We stay apprised of changes in our industry. New cleaning products and methods are frequently being introduced in our industry. Through our industry associations, we remain current with the latest trends and developments in the residential cleaning industry.
  • Our Products are eco-friendly, unscented and effective. Our main all-purpose cleanser is the best solvent found on the planet. That’s right, it’s water. But we’ve taken an important step further. We use deionized water, also known as demineralized water. Deionized water is water which, in our case, has been circulated through a mixed-bed ion exchange column. This process effectively removes all minerals and impurities. When combined with the patented anti-bacterial properties of our microfiber cloths, the result is a highly effective cleaning process that leaves no scent or residue.
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Trusted Professional
Award-winning, highly rated reviews, nationally accredited by ARCSI, IICRC certified technicians.


Safe Products
Professional-grade supplies, cleansers and equipment provided.


Family Owned
Wow-ing happy clients since 2007!


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